Need a car for your rideshare job?

Flexible Leases/Rentals for Rideshare and Delivery Drivers

With Maven Gig you can reserve a car to drive for any eligible rideshare or delivery service, so you can shift seamlessly with the daily demand for ridesharing, food, package, and grocery delivery services. Low weekly rates include unlimited miles, maintenance, insurance*, and roadside assistance. And if you’re interested in working with no fuel costs, our Chevrolet Bolt EV rental includes free charging (limited time offer).  Plus with no early return penalty, you can return the car any time after 7 days.


You've got options


Cars like: Chevrolet Cruze

Now available in:

  • Detroit |
  • San Diego |
  • San Francisco |
  • Los Angeles |
  • Baltimore |
  • Washington, D.C. |
  • NYC

Rideshare Driving

Grocery and Food Delivery

Package Delivery

Download the app, and complete the enrollment process. You will need a valid U.S. driver's license and credit card.

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*Your Maven Gig insurance covers liability up to the minimum state limit.